March 5, 2009

Front door inset wall foamed.

Junction of the front door and suite inset walls.

Junction of the suite and guest room inset walls.

Guest room inset wall by the power entrance panel. (Where the AC and electrical from the meter come in.)

Second floor between north and northeast sitting room inset walls.

Second floor between northwest and north sitting room inset walls.

The balcony door inset wall.

Inset wall that is the end of Su-z's closet.

Inset wall that is the end of Dave's closet.

These next pictures are a test to see who's been following along. You should be able to tell where each of the pictures was taken and what they show without my narration. (Combination of my getting lazy today and having a terrible internet connection in my truck in the Mobile, AL area.) Sorry that we are broke (again) so I can't give more of a prize for figuring them out correctly except a guided tour of our dome should you get into our area. I know that we do that anyway, but I had to include some sort of reward!! :)

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