May 6, 2009

Shannon at work adding the smoothing coat.

The look on his face shows the regret he has for starting this part of the project with no powered mixer.

The "mixer" on the balcony.

The end result is good looking though.

What a difference between the rough finish over the stairwell and the smoothed area to the right in Su-z's closet.

The smooth walls and the drips of concrete on the floor. A very physical and messy job being done well. My hat's off to Shannon.

The east and southeast parts of the dome are the roughest. Probably has something to do with the faster curing in those areas due to more direct sunlight hitting that part of the dome during the spraying. Add the fact that the spraying at this level was done from scaffolding with no room for someone to follow the sprayer and smooth the cement like they could on the ground level.

The finished wall is fantastic.

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